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Season 1 is the first season of Stephanie's Fridge, and has a total of TBA episodes.

Season 1 originally ran from TBA, to TBA.


  • "Gem Glow": After Steven's Gem activates, the Crystal Gems attempt to teach him how to summon his weapon, meanwhile a monster attacks.
  • "Laser Light Cannon": Steven and his father use a weapon left behind by Rose Quartz which saves Beach City from destruction.
  • "Cheeseburger Backpack": Steven attempts to prove his usefulness on a mission.
  • "Together Breakfast": Steven is taken throughout the Temple while trying to share a breakfast he made for himself and the other Gems.
  • "Frybo": Steven accidentally causes a mascot costume to come to life with the use of Gem Shards.
  • "Cat Fingers": Steven attempts to shapeshift into a cat but loses control.
  • "Bubble Buddies": Steven and his new friend Connie get trapped in Steven's bubble.
  • "Serious Steven": The Gems take Steven on his first serious mission.
  • "Tiger Millionaire": Steven and Amethyst sneak out every night to pursue their new wrestling careers.
  • "Steven's Lion": Steven finds a magical pink Lion in the desert that follows him home.
  • "Arcade Mania": In celebration of a successful mission, Steven takes the Gems to the Funland Arcade, where Garnet becomes addicted to a game.
  • "Giant Woman": After hearing about fusion, Steven continuously asks Pearl and Amethyst to fuse into Opal while on their mission at the Sky Spire.
  • "So Many Birthdays": Steven throws a birthday party for each of the Gems, and then questions whether or not he is too old for parties, activating a new power.
  • "Lars and the Cool Kids": Steven joins Lars in hanging out with the Cool Kids, and saves the day when Rose's Moss engulfs everyone.
  • "Onion Trade": Steven trades Onion a dangerous weapon in return for one of his favorite toys.
  • "Steven the Sword Fighter": Upon request, Pearl attempts to teach Steven the art of swordfighting, but is stabbed by one of her holograms, teaching Steven what Gem poofing is.
  • "Lion 2: The Movie": Lion takes Steven and Connie to Rose's Secret Armory, where they take a look at many of Rose's weapons.
  • "Beach Party": Steven throws a beach party for the Gems and Pizza family to reconcile after Garnet accidentally breaks their shop sign and gets them banned.
  • "Rose's Room": Wishing to be alone, Steven enters Rose's Room, where the room recreates a realistic Beach City in an attempt to give Steven what he wants.
  • "Coach Steven": After Garnet and Amethyst's fusion becomes unstable at the Communication Hub, Steven encourages Pearl to defeat the monster when she returns to the beach.
  • "Joking Victim": Steven helps Sadie get back at Lars for humiliating her.
  • "Steven and the Stevens": Steven tries to fix a problem by going back in time using the Hourglass, but causes the timelines to go berserk.
  • "Monster Buddies": Steven tames Centipeetle after he accidentally unbubbles her.
  • "An Indirect Kiss": Steven tells Connie the story of how he tried using his healing powers to fix Amethyst's cracked Gem.
  • "Mirror Gem": When Pearl gives Steven a magical mirror, Steven discovers that somebody is trapped inside.
  • "Ocean Gem": When the ocean suddenly disappears, Steven and the Gems travel to Lapis Lazuli's water tower to get it back.
  • "House Guest": Greg stays at the Temple with his "broken leg", and constantly uses the Warp Whistle to bring Steven back from his mission.
  • "Space Race": With Pearl's fascination of space back, Steven, Pearl, and Greg travel to Greg's family barn to build a spaceship.
  • "Secret Team": Steven, Amethyst, and Pearl form a team to retrieve missing Gem Shards that have scattered throughout the Temple with the hopes of not alerting Garnet.
  • "Island Adventure": Steven takes Lars and Sadie to Mask Island for a vacation, but become stranded when the Warp Pad mysteriously disappears.
  • "Keep Beach City Weird": Steven joins Ronaldo uncover the weirdness in Beach City, but realizes that the Crystal Gems caused all traces of weirdness.
  • "Fusion Cuisine": Steven has the Crystal Gems act as his mother at a dinner with Connie's family.
  • "Garnet's Universe": Steven imagines what Garnet's solo missions are like.
  • "Watermelon Steven": After accidentally turning watermelons into sentient soldiers with a new power, Steven tries to stop the Watermelon Stevens from causing chaos in Beach City.
  • "Lion 3: Straight to Video": Lion will not stop laying on Steven as the latter sleeps while experiencing abnormal dreams. However, this leads to Steven discovering Lion's Dimension and a VHS tape made by Greg Universe and Rose Quartz.
  • "Warp Tour": Steven witnesses something else flying through the warp tunnels and tries to get to the bottom of it while everyone tries to ease his paranoia. It is then discovered that Peridot was utilizing robonoids to fix Warp Pads.
  • "Alone Together": The Crystal Gems teach Steven how to fuse. After the lesson, Steven and Connie fuse accidentally and begin to experience it together.
  • "The Test": Steven realizes the events in "Cheeseburger Backpack" was a test and not a real mission. Steven demands an objective that presents real danger, much to the Crystal Gems' disapproval and paranoia.
  • "Future Vision": Steven experiences Garnet's future vision for the first time, but having the foresight to see various potential deathtraps causes Steven to become paranoid to the point of insanity.
  • "On the Run": Steven and Amethyst explore the outside world further, ending up at the Kindergarten where battle goes down.
  • "Horror Club": It is horror night for Steven and his peers, getting ready to watch some spooky motion pictures.
  • "Winter Forecast": A large snowstorm is incoming, prompting Connie to head back home before it comes. The objective is not as simple as it seems.
  • "Maximum Capacity": "Lil' Butler" comes back after years of isolation from Greg and Amethyst's attention. The two become addicted to the TV series, and that delays their work.
  • "Marble Madness": Multiple robonoids start to appear, and the Crystal Gems decide to track down their designated location to stop the neverending arrivals.
  • "Rose's Scabbard": Pearl goes on a mission with Steven that turns into a battle of knowing secrets.
  • "Open Book": Steven and Connie attempt to roleplay the latter's favorite book series in Rose's room, only to meet complications with the room itself.
  • "Shirt Club": Buck Dewey and Steven make T-shirts together, but Buck gets carried away with the design presented by Steven.
  • "Story for Steven": Greg tells Steven the story of him and Rose Quartz, the story containing drama, first sights, and hard decisions being made.
  • "The Message": The wailing stone keeps making an annoying sound because it cannot interpret the message that is trying to be received. The Crystal Gems and Greg attempt to solve it.
  • "Political Power": Outrage happens in Beach City from an electrical blackout.
  • "The Return": A giant hand appears in the sky, and the Crystal Gems are greeted from said spaceship by Homeworld Gems.
  • "Jail Break": The Crystal Gems escape the Gem Warship and fight off the Homeworld opposition.


  • Amazon Instant Video lists Season 1A as "Season 1" and Season 1B as "Season 2".
  • In response to a question from a fan, Ian Jones-Quartey joked that the seasons are also divided into shapes and that episodes 1-26 is season octagon, episodes 27-47 are season parallelogram.[1]
  • On July 12, 2015, Ian Jones-Quartey posted a complete list of the original intended airing order for season 1.[2]
  • In several episodes, you can find the manga Sailor Moon in Steven's room.


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