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It was a normal day in Beach City. The alarm clock started going off it alerted the whole team. "Everyone cover your ears!" Padparadscha yells as the alarm surrounds the temple with a loud siren. Flourite,Rhodonite,and Rutile instantly yell "THERE GONNA BREAK US!" as they hop and flail around.Pearl exclaims "Oh C'mon it's just an earth siren" "Actually According to "Google" this is a faulty sound rigged up by humans to notify them when it is time to re apply function to their organic systems" "or Peridot it's just called an alarm clock" Steven corrects."None the less it scared us all" "Well time for me to go to school" The crystal gems all look at Steven. "I thought you didn't have school?" "Well dad enlisted me in a Empire City Middle School". "Really Steven I can teach you?" "No pearl it's okay" "Besides Connie's gonna be there" Steven blushes. As Steven opens the closet out come two weird monstrous looking creatures. Peridot asks "Wait why is the peridot so miniscule ranked up to the...Lapis? I think that's why that is" as Peridot points to the monster. "No wait Ive seen this from a movie guys" "I think dad said it was my moms favorite" "Oh yeah Monsters Ink!" and with that title Steven got an immense amount of nostalgia. Steven runs and almost tumbles on the floor boards below his feet. He grabs Mike Wasowski and grips him firmly around the waist. "Please Human we need your help" Sully whispers. "Please something went wrong when Fungus and Randal hooked her up to that machine she has this thing around her" "A Gem" Pearl gasps as she looks at Steven. "We asked Ross but she called 23-19 we ran then I handed her to Sully and we got lost in the snow world" "Yeah Mike is right and also Mr. Waternews is hunting us down at this very moment" Sully says still whispering. "It's okay Sully we will take care of her" Steven grabs Boo and bubbles her as she hovers above his hands. "You can't keep her like that!" mike shrieks. Mr. Waternews starts to emerge from the painting. "It's okay humans and other monsters?" "We will duke it out in the monster world until then If you need us The pass code to the scare floor door is A113. Mike and sully get sucked into the dark monsterworld obis.


"Wait what are we supposed to do with this Human-Gem Hybrid" Pearl says shocked "Oh and Rose's painting..." Pearl runs off into her room crying. "Jeez pearl calm down" "Peridot be nice to her!" "how would you feel if your Diamond got shattered" "Not bad at all fusion" "The Name's Garnet" She summons her gauntlet with one swift precisive motion she punches peridot and poofs her" She bubbles her "Garnet WAIT" Steven Wails.

Night time was falling and Steven goes down to the bubbling room and pops out Peridot but he falls right onto Boo's bubble crushing her. The loud crying grabs the crystal gem's attention. Peridot grabs Boo and throws her into the burning pit the ignition and fire pressure shattered her gem. Right after that Greg was testing out the new car wash machine and it crushed him. Greg was found dead. The crystal gems turned themselves in hoping that Steven will be safe. With no one left Steven is on the verge of suicide and with his mother's sword he stabs his naval. TO BE CONTINUED